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A Piercing Question: Where Is the Gospel in the ‘Doubting Thomas’ Story?

I think it was about a week before Commencement. Everything was finished. Exams were done. Papers completed. Thesis submitted. Harvard Divinity regalia ordered. Woot woot! Then seemingly out of nowhere, welling up from my subconscious, I had this terrible dream. I dreamt that everyone was at my graduation except me. My grandparents and friends were […]

Nom nom nom… The Spirituality of Food

I love the holidays? So much memorable food! Thanksgiving cranberry sauce, butternut squash, and apple pie…Christmas chocolate peppermint everything and sugar cookies for days…And while others favor fancier fare for New Years, I’m way more likely to be feasting on pizza or pasta —washed down with a couple flutes of demi-sec and Basler Läckerli!  As you carve up the turkey […]

As Christians Exit the Polls, We Have Some Serious Soul-Searching To Do. Again.

A Tale of Two Cathedrals On any given day, Grace Cathedral welcomes hundreds of visitors, drawn to this iconic San Francisco landmark for prayer, for tourism, or for inspiration. Today, however, we welcomed thousands as the cathedral converted to a polling station. Many took a few minutes to enjoy being a tourist in their own […]

A Devil’s Triangle? Kavanaugh, Michaelmas and Revelation 12

Warning: The Following Scene Contains Violence and Nudity A radiant young woman is assaulted, forced into a wilderness of spiritual exile for years. Her assailant? A draconian caricature of a man, drunk on his own power. Actually…not a single man, but a coiling cabal of corrupt, violent and self-serving men conspiring to silence her. Why? […]